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Key Talks

    'Blockchain: A Cautionary Viewpoint'
     Yvo Desmedt

     Jonsson Distinguished Professor
     Cyber Security Research and Education Institute
     University of Texas at Dallas, US;
     and Fellow, International Association for Cryptologic Research

    'Security of Crypto Currency Wallets'
     Nicolas Courtois

     Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research
     University College London, UK

Blockchain: A Cautionary Viewpoint
Abstract: For 2000 years cryptographers have been predicting unbreakable cryptosystems. Unfortunately, no cryptosystem has lasted more than 300 years. The only systems we know that can not be broken (such as the one-time pad) are useless for blockchains. In this talk, we start by having a critical look at the field of cryptography. We analyze what assumptions are needed to make sure blockchains can not be broken. We also discuss some potential applications of blockchains and what their impact could mean for privacy.

Yvo Desmedt
Yvo Desmedt is the Jonsson Distinguished Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, and an Honorary Professor at University College London (UCL). He is a pioneer of threshold cryptography, and is a Fellow of the International Association for Cryptologic Research, and a Member of the Belgium Academy of Science. He received his Ph.D. (1984, Summa cum Laude) from the University of Leuven, Belgium. Prof Desmedt held positions at Universite de Montreal, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Florida State University, as well as numerous visiting appointments at other universities. At Florida State, he was Director of the Laboratory of Security and Assurance in Information Technology, one of the first 14 NSA Centers of Excellence. At Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he was Founding Director of the Center for Cryptography, Computer and Network Security, and at UCL, he was BT Chair and Chair of Information Communication Technology. Yvo is the Editor-in-Chief of IET Information Security and Chair of the Steering Committees of CANS and ICITS. He was Program Chair of e.g., Crypto 1994, the ACM Workshop on Scientific Aspects of Cyber Terrorism 2002, and ISC 2013. He has authored over 200 refereed papers, primarily on cryptography, computer security, and network security. He has made important predictions, such as his 1983 technical description of how cyber could be used to attack control systems (realized by Stuxnet), and his 1996 prediction that hackers will target Certifying Authorities (DigiNotar was targeted in 2011).


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